quality technology

which combines highest precision with a long life time.

  • 2d or 3d laser processing:
    3-axis laser for 2d processing (product: sheet materials) or
    4-axis laser for 2.5d processing or
    5-axis laser for 3d processing (complex product geometry)

  • Control unit:
    PLC - multi-touch panel including error diagnostics system, password level function and audit trail. In addition a software tool for easy programming of 3d movements can be implemented.
    A data transfer to external systems for data storage or order management can be additionally installed.
lubrication system
  • Axis system:
    The 2d laser machine (3 axis) as well as the 3d laser machine (5 axis) are driven by servo motors with high positioning accuracy (+/-0.02mm).
    The 5-axis laser is additionally equipped with a moveable head which allows the cutting/welding nozzle to rotate by 360° and to turn additionally by +/-120°. With this head all positions for a successful 3d cutting can be reached.
    A fully automatic centralised lubrication system for the complete axis system is also installed. This helps to elongate the life time for the 2d als well as for the 3d laser machine.
  • Layout dimensions:
    As an example for the dimensions of a 3d laser machine see the drawing attached.
  • Process speed:
    Welding or cutting speeds from 1 - 500mm/s can be realized, depending on the type of material and the product design. We would be pleased to carry out tests on our 3d laser machine and your material.

  • Machine weight:
    Approx. 7.0 metric tons (for 5 axis laser) - depending on the type of execution.
  • Axis movement:
    X 1500  Y 900    Z 600 mm +/-120°/n*360°
    X 3000  Y 900    Z 600 mm +/-120°/n*360°
    X 3000  Y 1500  Z 800 mm +/-120°/n*360°
    X 4000  Y 1500  Z 800 mm +/-120°/n*360
    All working areas are optionally adaptable for the cnc laser cutting/welding machine.
  • Laser source:
    Solid state laser or CO2 laser with a power range from 50 up to 4000W of different suppliers (e.g. Trumpf, IPG, FANUC etc.). The type of source will be adapted accordingly to your area of application.
    This spectrum of laser sources allows to process many different materials in 2d and 3d - metals and non metals.
  • Product loading and unloading:
    Many variants of product loading and unloading can be offered for the cnc laser machine (robot, shuttle table, turn table, inline systems, circulating systems etc.) - See "options".
  • Cooling system:
    Integrated cooling system for the laser source and the laser welding or cutting optics which guarantees a high process stability.
    In case of CO2 laser source the laser beam guiding equipment will be cooled as well.
  • Extraction System:
    An integrated and powerful extraction system guarantees a reduction of vapours, gas and dust which is generated during the laser process. With this extraction system also materials like PVC or PTFE (e.g. Teflon) can be processed on our cnc laser machine.
Energy connection
  • Energy connection:
    3x400V, N+PE, 50HZ (TNS grid)
    5-6 bar

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Ronald Hotter
Sales LASER Automation

Phone: +43 6244 5298 35

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