The laser machine
for welding


The W:LASER machine is equipped with a variety of laser sources enabling it to offer a broad range of uses:

3d laser welding metal safety belt system

Metal welding

  • The Wieser laser machine enables heat conduction welding, deep welding and scanner welding methods to be used.
  • It is also posasible to use solid state lasers (disk lasers, diode lasers) in combination with special welding lenses.
  • When welding using scanner optics it is also possible to apply the 'on the fly' technique (laser welding during product transportation).
  • As with laser cutting, depending on product size the W:LASER machine can facilitate an adapted processing space
  • The 5-axis system facilitates 3D welding. Thus, complex shapes such as profiles and moulded parts can be joined and welded very simply.
  • Depending on the type of processing required, additional gases can be fed into the welding process via a built-in system within the laser machine enabling a considerable degree of influence to be exercised on the characteristics of the process.
  • Wieser's laser machine also offers the possibility of an automatic (cold or hot) wire feed for special welding requirements.
  • One important area of use for strong laser-welded joints is the automobile industry (e.g. powertrain systems for automotive).


plastic welding aroma tube

Plastic welding

  • < 400W solid state lasers are best suited to the 'transmission welding' of plastics.
  • Diode lasers are typical laser sources for the welding of plastics. The power of the laser source can be selected according to the specific application, materials and work-piece thickness.
  • Depending on the set-up of the machine for plastic welding it may also be possible to laser weld 3D shapes.
  • This is a particularly clean type of welding and is very popular in the electronics industry (e.g. electrical connection elements such as multipoint connector strips), automotive industry (rear mirrors, lights) and in the food industry.


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