The laser machine
for cutting and drilling


The W:LASER machine is equipped with a variety of laser sources enabling it to offer a broad range of uses:

Laser cutting metal helicopter

Metal laser cutting

  • Solid state lasers (such as fibre lasers) are ideally suited to cutting solid metal, sheet metals and stainless steel.
  • Laser sources from 50W to 4000W can be built into the laser machine. The power of the laser source can be selected according to the specific application, materials and work-piece thickness.
  • Processing options range from the cutting of thin sheet metal <1mm to the cutting of >20mm structural steel. 
  • Scanner optics or cutting nozzles can be used, depending on the type of processing required.
  • When cutting using scanner optics it is also possible to apply the 'on the fly' technique (laser cutting during product transportation).
  • The 5-axis system facilitates 3d cutting and drilling. Thus, complex shapes such as profiles and moulded parts can be finished very simply.
  • As with laser welding, depending on product size the W:LASER machine can facilitate an adapted processing space


carbon 3d laser cutting mirror

Non-metal laser cutting

  • The CO2 laser is best suited for non-metals like plastics and composites, since they achieve optimum absorbtion of the 9.3 - 10.6 µm wavelengths emitted by the CO2 laser.
  • Smaller power outputs of <400W are sufficient for cutting plastics,whereas >1000W is necessary for cutting composite materials (GRP, carbon fibre-reinforced plastics).
  • Scanner optics or cutting nozzles can be used, depending on the type of processing required.
  • 3D contours can be processed with a 5-axis system. It can be used for everything from automobile components made of composites (GRP, carbon fibre-reinforced plastics) to the finishing of thermoform components.
  • A built-in gas feed system allows compressed air to blow out melted materials and nitrogen to reduce smoke residue.


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