2D/3D laser machine
with highest precision,
with solid state or CO2 laser source


For cutting, welding and drilling different kind of metals (mild, steel, stainless steel, sheet material), many types of plastics (Acrylic, ABS, HIPS), composites like GFRP or CFRP and natural materials (wood, laminate etc.)

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Summary of advantages

NEW - W:LASER next generation launched!

in the 3rd dimension

5 servo-driven axles facilitate the precise
processing of complex shapes and geometries.

W:LASER brochure | EN

Summary of advantages

NEW - W:LASER next generation launched!

with maximum flexibility

This machine can be provided as a 'stand-alone' unit
or as a fully automated inline version.

W:LASER brochure | EN

Summary of advantages

NEW - W:LASER next generation launched!

Application options
laser cutting, welding or drilling in 2D or 3D


We can test and evaluate all your materials in our own laser technology centre. As a result we can determine the perfect system configuration for your requirements!

On our cnc laser machine you can process 2D products like sheet materials as well as 3D products with special geometry. We would be glad to receiving your material for tests. Please read on to find a list and examples of materials that can be processed by our 2D or 3D laser machine.





3d Laserschweissen Metall Gurtaufroller Laserschneiden Blech lasern Laserschneiden Metall lasern Laserschweissen Powertrain Laserschweissen Powertrain

Processing Metals

Integrated solid state laser technology makes the Wieser laser machine particularly suitable for the 2D and 3D processing of a wide range of metals. The laser machine can be set up as a laser cutting and laser welding system. By using a wide range of adapted set-up laser sources (single-mode or multi-mode, fibre laser, diode laser, disk lasers or pulse lasers), and by adjusting the type of lenses, this laser system can be deployed for a wide range of processing requirements. Ideal for lasering metal, stainless steel and sheet metal in every dimension.

Fibre-reinforced composites (FRC, CFRP)
Karbon 3d lasern

Processing fibre-reinforced composites

Fibre-reinforced composites such as FRCs, CFRP/GFRPs are used in numerous fields of industry, particularly when it is necessary to reduce weight while maintaining the right degree of rigidity. This cnc laser machine enables such materials to be cut in a variety of shapes and sizes - in 2D and 3D.
On the basis of the CO2-Laser, which can be integrated into the 3d laser machine instead of the solid state laser, the level of absorption is very high and therefore the speed of cutting is maximized. This leads to a 10-times increased cutting speed in comparison to a standard cnc grinding machine.

Laserschneiden Acryl Laserschweissen Kunststoff

Plastics processing

This 2D or 3D laser machine can process an immense range of plastics including thermoplastics (e.g. Plexiglas or acrylics), thermosetting plastics, and elastomers (rubber). 2-component injection moulding parts (2C), foams and plastic foils can also be processed easily with the cnc laser cutting machine.
A fully automatic extraction system, which is delivered with our cnc laser machine guarantees a reduction of dust, vapour and gas which escapes during the cutting process.

Organic substances (wood, leather, textiles, ceramics)

Processing organic substances

C02 LASER technology enables the machine to cut, perforate and engrave a wird range of organic materials that includes wood, cardboard, leather, ceramics and organic-based textiles.
Therefore this cnc laser cutting machine can be used multifunctionally in different branches for very flexible processes.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Ronald Hotter
Sales LASER Automation

Phone: +43 6244 5298 35

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