An overview
of the advantages

Maximum Flexibility

  • Can be provided as an "inline"- or "stand alone" laser machine for 3d applications
  • Different degrees of automation in product loading and unloading possible
  • Cutting, welding and drilling of complex geometrical product designs is made possible by using a 5-axis system
  • The possibility of using different LASER types (fibre or CO2 laser of different suppliers e.g. Trumpf) optimises adaptability to your product material
  • Can be connected to external networks


Supreme Quality

  • High LASER power and high quality LASER beams guarantee the best possible processing quality
  • Material tests on our lab cnc laser machine are the basis for perfect set up of the machine and LASER source selection


Saving Potential

  • High output due to large working area and high axis speed of the cnc laser
    welding/cutting machine
  • Minimisation of tooling costs
  • Low tooling set-up costs and easy tooling change
  • No tooling wear and tear
  • High processing flexibility of the 3d laser machine

Long Lifetime

  • High quality LASER sources guarantee constant LASER power and a long lifetime of the cnc laser cutting and laser welding machine
  • Careful choice of machine components from well known producers adapted optimally to each application
  • Integrated and fully automated lubrication of all axis



If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Ronald Hotter
Sales LASER Automation

Phone: +43 6244 5298 35


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