Wieser -
Your strategic 'all-in-one' provider

Wieser's corporate development concentrates on being a strategic 'all-in-one' provider. Wieser offers complete solutions and smooth system integration. We are a single source supplier for all our customer requirements, from engineering (mechanical and control-related) to production, assembly, installation, commissioning, including data link-ups to and from production systems.

Complete production lines have been provided for data storage device packaging and for the food, pharmaceutical and hygiene industries, using circulating systems and turntables. Complete assembly and processing cells have been manufactured for the automotive sector, as well as production, testing and gauging systems for the electronics industry.

Continual observation of the market, innovative development and constant contact with ancillary suppliers ensures Wieser Automation can always offer the very latest products and technologies. Satisfied customers - and their satisfied customers - are the goal and foundation of our activities. Wieser serves a diversity of sectors and industries preventing the business from becoming dependent upon any specific industry. This wealth of experience from a wide variety of fields is of great benefit to customers when it comes to finding the very best solution for each individual customer requirement.

We look forward to serving your needs. Set us a challenge today!

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